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Staying Focused on your Business

stay focused

As a business owner, you need to make sure you stay focused.

Don’t worry about failing in your business for that’s part of success, rather just stay focused.
stay focused

If you don’t stay focused on your business, you will get off track. When you get off track you will lose site of the task at hand and you will not be headed in the right direction.

There are a number of things you can do to stay focused. One thing you can do is find what works and stick to it. Here are some suggestions that will help you stay focused on your business.Continue reading

July 7, 2016

Discovering A Work At Home Business Idea

Work at Home Business
work at home business

There are lots of work at home business that were based off of a good concept that the business owner had. Indeed some of these start-up companies require a lot of work, but in the end the business owner gets a fantastic sensation of achievement since they’re the ones who developed the company themselves from the ground up.

There are many ways people come up with these work at home business  ideas. One way is to take your passion or something that you take pleasure in doing and make it into a business. For example, writing articles. One can easily turn that into a service business by becoming a ghost writer for website owners who simply need content for their websites. You can sell your services on,, or By the way, a fellow blogger by the name of Lewis Parrott wrote an excellent article entitled “Make Money on Fiverr: 17 Advanced Tips to Optimize & Promote Your Fiverr Gigs“. It’s vey well written and worth the read for those who wish to make money on Fiverr.Continue reading

July 4, 2016

Dwelling in Christ Given Freedom

Freedom in Christ

Our Freedom In Christ

Independence Day
Everyone who belongs to Christ has been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light, which is the kingdom of God. That is a cheering news because what it means is that such people are now free from all harassment of the devil, and they can remain permanently so for the rest of their lives if only they have the knowledge of how to maintain their freedom in Christ.

The bible says when an evil spirit is driven out of a man, he will go to dry places looking for where to make his abode, but because demons always love to stay in a host, preferably human beings, it will come back to his former house to check whether he can still make a comeback, and if he finds that the former host has not been filled with the Spirit of God, he will go and look for seven other more powerful demons to come and re-inhabit the man, making his life worse than before.
Because of the above revelation, children of God must not joke with keeping themselves in the freedom that they have obtained from Christ. The word of God tells us to stay in the liberty whereby Christ had made us free and not to entangle ourselves with the yoke of bondage anymore.Continue reading