August 27, 2016

Divine Help

divine help

Divine help means the help or assistance that comes from God.

We all need help at one point or the other in our lives, as a matter of fact, no one can successfully live through this life without getting help from at least one other person. God had so much designed life in such a way that we are interdependent on ourselves, just as you would need help from others, you too will be a channel of help to some other people.

You can help others with what you have that they do not have. If you look around you critically you will see at least one person that needs your help, sometimes you will have to really look into what is happening to others before you can realize the type of help they need.

When we were younger our parents took charge of the responsibilities of our lives, they provided all the help that we need to the best of their abilities. When we became adults, we depend upon others that come our way for help.

The problems associated with the help you can get from man is; It is limited: A man can only help you up to the amount of resources or ability he has. Anything beyond that he cannot do. No one will want to help you up to the level where you will become greater than him; at that stage most people will withdraw their help.

It is dependent upon prevailing circumstances: Certain factors dictate whether help will be possible or not. Someone can promise you that you will get his help if he is able to get to a certain position in Government, if this does not happen such a help will not be possible. Sometimes, death can hinder a helper from fulfilling his promise.

divine help

It is not reliable: When most people make promises to help, they say things they cannot do in a bid to impress the person making the request for help. They can always give excuses for their inability not to do what they said in later date.
If you want to avoid disappointments in the area of getting assistance, you must know how to depend upon God for your help. In Psalm 121, the writer says, “ I will lift up my eyes unto the hills, from where cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord, who made the heaven and the earth.”

That is the right approach to getting help, there is no person who has made the Lord his helper that will be disappointed in life, because God cannot fail, He does not need to depend upon situations, and circumstances in order to help, even when what you need does not exist, He can create them, just for you to get what you need. Now that’s divine help.

Joseph met two officers of Pharaoh in the prison; the chief butler, and the chief baker. He was appointed to serve them, and when they had dreams that troubled them he was able to know. Because Joseph had the gift of interpretation of dreams, he was able to give them the interpretations. The results happened as Joseph said it, the chief butler was reinstated, and the chief baker was killed.

Joseph appealed to the chief butler to assist him in getting out of the prison, but the man did not remember for a whole two years, he totally forgot about Joseph. At the time appointed by God, He made Pharaoh to have a dream which no one will be able to interpret except Joseph.

He helped Joseph up till the stage where no one will be able to contend, and compete with him. Joseph by all human standards was not qualified to be a Governor in Egypt, but because he was the only solution to the problems of famine that wants to come upon the land they have no choice than to appoint him the Governor.

When you need help from God tell Him in prayer, the conditions that will not allow Him to answer you are when you are not living holy, when you are not asking in faith, and when you cannot wait for the help you asked for to come.
God has reasons to withhold help from us, but He will always deal with us from the Mercy Seat.



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