How Do You Handle the Issue of Santa Claus?

Santa issue

Allyou have to do is take a drive around town, go into a local retail store,attend a public-school function (just to name a few) and you’ll be bombarded with Santa Claus. 

As Christians, it can be discouraging that the holiday has become so secular and hyped up when we know the real meaning – the birth of Christ. So, what do we do when it comes to handling the issue of Santa?

It starts in the home. If you have kids, it’s up to you to decide whether or notyou and your family will celebrate the holiday by bringing Santa Claus into themix. There are so many different opinions about this and again it’s going to beup to you to decide what is right for your family. Pray about it and see whatthe Holy Spirit reveals to you.

Sometimes, just because one Christian is convicted of something, doesn’t mean others are. I’ve heard some Christians say that for them Santa Claus didn’t work because they couldn’t expect to teach their children about being honest when they were being dishonest with them about Santa. I’ve heard others say that they didn’t have a problem putting a few gifts under the tree that were from Santa.

If you take the stance that you don’t want to raise your kids believing in Santa and you don’t agree with the whole Santa Claus movement, what should you do? Here are three ways you can handle the whole Santa Claus issue:

1. Responding with Love & Grace

Remember, not everyone shares our faith and beliefs. There are a lot of people, including other Christians, that believe in celebrating Christmas with Santa. You may not agree with how they choose to do things or agree with their beliefs but the best way to handle this situation is not by lecturing them and trying to make them see why you’re right. Instead, handle the situation with love and grace. Be kind when they talk about Santa or write from Santa on a gift.

2. Respecting Family Traditions

This can be a tough one. Family dynamics can be strained and dysfunctional any time of the year but add the stress of the holidays and things can easily get heated and go wrong fast. Will you be able to go to a family function and respect their traditions even if you don’t agree with them? Will you be able to bite your tongue and keep your opinions to yourself? Or maybe God is calling you to attend a family function, so you can share His Good Word and message with them. 

3. Expressing Your Own Preference

Instead of ‘dreading’ a family get-together because of how they do things, why not talk to them beforehand about your beliefs and how you prefer to handle the holidays and the Santa Claus issue? Maybe you ask them to not give your kids gifts that say they’re from Santa. Or maybe you ask them to not talk to your kids about what Santa is going to bring them Christmas Eve night.  

It all boils down to what you feel led is the proper way for you and your family to handle Santa Claus. We are all on different paths in our walk with Christ. What one person feels convicted about may be something that others don’t and that includes this whole Santa issue. 


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