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Have you ever tried to navigate to a destination with landmarks instead of a map? Take a left at the yellow corner store, head straight for a while, and then you will see two crooked trees on the right. That’s your final destination...…


Clarity is key when charting a course for your future. And if you aren’t aware of your core values and beliefs, it’s almost impossible to get there.

I want to help you get back on track, so I’m offering a new self-study program to help you dial into your unique values.

What Matters Most: Building a Fulfilling Life On the
Foundation of Your Values

If you’ve gotten off track in life, it’s probably because you’ve lost touch with your core values. Don’t worry, this happens to a lot of people. We’re bombarded with information every day…advertisements, propaganda, opinions, influences of others, and more, all vying for our attention and trying to steer us in a new direction. And so we go…

I want to help you get back on track, so I’m offering a new self-study course to help you dial into your unique values. By going through the modules in this transformational self-study program, you will discover…

  • How to find and align with your true values in any situation
  • How to minimize drama and maximize success
  • The #1 most effective trick to overcoming ANY challenge
  • How your values can open the doors to happiness, health, wealth, fulfilling relationships
    and much, much more…

This Self-Study Course Will Positively Impact Your Life. Guaranteed.

Through this self-study course you will:

· Discover the connection between your values and your choices

· How to stay true to what matters most despite all the opinions and influences of those around you.

· You will discover how to create lasting happiness by living out your core values

· You will ultimately gain more freedom in your life.

· And you will do all of this and more from the convenience of your home or office – on your schedule.

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What's Included in The Course.

Introductory Activity - The Concept of Value Activity: 
1. “What Do You Value?”
2. Activity Objective: Participants discover what matters most to them under several different scenarios.

Segment #1 – A World of Values
Activity #1: “Introduction to Values”
Activity Objective: Participants further define what is meant by the term ‘values.’

Activity #2: “What are Values?”
Activity Objective: Participants define the term ‘values’ and explore the importance of knowing their values. They also discover the difference between the two types of values.

Segment #2 - Determining Your Core Values
Activity #1: “Values Auction”Activity Objective: Participants see how their actions around money help them identify their core values.

Activity #2: “Time Choices”
Activity Objective: Participants see how their actions around time help identify their core values.

Segment #3 – Creating Your Value System
Activity: “My Value System”
Activity Objective: Participants create their own personal value system.

Application – Working With Your Core Value
Activity: “Your Values, Your Life”
Activity Objective: Participants reflect on how they will further their awareness of their core values going forward.

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The Goal Setting Success Guide

The Goal Setting Success Guide is Your Solution for Success. Goal Setting Wisdom of Lasting Value and Immeasurable Worth. This is a Critical Manual on Establishing, Monitoring and Achieving Goals!

The Crucial Factors Discussed in The Goal Setting Success Guide include:

· Setting Goals Based on Values

· Establishing Realistic Goals

· Vision to See Things Clearly

· Monitoring Progress and Taking Action

· Writing Effective Self Affirmations

· Staying Motivated and Determined

· And much, much more ...

Win Friends and Influence Others

How to Win Friends and Influence Others Will Reveal Everything You Need to Know About Friendship and How Focusing on the Quality of Your Social Circle Will Change Your Life for the Better!

How to Win Friends and Influence Others Offers Priceless Insight Into:

· The Social Needs of Human Beings

· Recognizing a True Friend

· Friends at Work Vs. Social Friends

· Why You Need Friends

· Creating Impressions on People

· Internet Friends and Impressing Others Online

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