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Italian cuisine is a great way to spend your holiday or next vacation. It offers romance, rich historical history, picturesque scenery, good wine, and the opportunity for you to enjoy a lot of Italian food. Italy vacations are perfect for lovers of history, romance and art. Be sure to think about where you’ll be staying before you plan on visiting tourist attractions or shopping at boutiques. Look for accommodation if your intention is to stay for several days in Italy. It may seem obvious to you that a hotel is what you want, but it would be nice to shift gears and escape the monotony. Instead of staying in a hotel, consider renting vacation homes in Italy.

Perhaps you feel a little anxious about renting vacation homes. Italy Habit can help you find the right solution. Italy Habitat offers many vacation rentals in Italy. You can choose from villas or apartments as well as castles, depending on what suits your style and budget. For those with a tight budget, there are many options to live like a king, queen or prince, even on your vacation. offers more information.

Italian Villas

Italy Habitat has the best selection for villas to use as corporate accommodation or vacation homes. There are many types of villas offered, from luxurious to affordable. The chosen villas are located all over Italy, in cities like Rome and Florence, Naples. Milan. Tuscany. Italy Habitat is available to you no matter where in Italy you wish to travel. You may not have realized it but vacation rentals are preferred over hotels in Italy.

Apartments in Italy

Italien apartments in Italy Habitat have been designed to be comfortable and stylishly furnished and can be used even for The apartments are of high quality and will make you feel right at home. These apartments provide luxury for both vacation and business travelers. offers a searchable database of vacation rentals throughout Italy. Italy Habitat is where you’ll find the best selection of Italian villas, apartments and condos. From small studio apartments to luxury villas with pools located in picturesque locations, to larger villas with large private pools. Italy Habitat also offers a selection castles that are converted into vacation homes. These are perfect for romantic events or people who love Italy.

Staying in Italy vacation rentals are preferred by more tourists than hotels. Have your accommodation booked on vacation rentals, so that you can feel at home during your stay.


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